Measure ES: A Conversation With School Board Members Laurie Lieberman and Nimish Patel

Hi all!

There is a meeting next Monday (9/24) from 2:15 to 3 pm in the Webster library with SMMUSD board members Laurie Lieberman and Nimish Patel.

The official invitation is:

Why Malibu Should Support Measure ES: A Conversation With School Board Members Laurie Lieberman and Nimish Patel

Please come join in a conversation about the ES bond measure, with a focus on the impact of the passage on ES for Malibu schools and programs. This is an opportunity for dialogue, questions, and discussion with two of our board members in a critical election year for the School District.

The leaders of Measure ES are aware that ES is not popular in Malibu and would like to know more and to communicate about why they think it is good for our community.

It doesn’t matter what your view of ES is or whether or not you change your mind at the meeting. What matters is that we engage in discussion with these two people who truly believe they are doing the best they can for the district. As a secondary goal, they hear the cautionary notes from just me and a few others with whom they are regularly interacting. It would be good for them to hear from other Malibuites the same things I hear, particularly as regards ES.

So, if you could, please make the time to attend, I would very much appreciate it! Please come with an open mind and an intention to speak clearly about what you believe – for or against. Also, please reach out to other interested, involved parents and encourage them to attend too. My biggest concern is that nobody shows up – which will be perceived, incorrectly, as “Malibu doesn’t care about education.”

Best wishes!


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