AMPS General Meeting Tomorrow: Great News!

Please join us to hear great news from the independently conducted feasibility study of the Malibu Unified School District!!!

The meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, September 19th, in the Zuma Room at Malibu City Hall between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.

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2 comments on “AMPS General Meeting Tomorrow: Great News!

  1. Hi Craig:
    I was curious to ask you why none of the Malibu candidates for the SMMUSD Board of Education seats have not looked for any endorsement from the SEIU or Teacher Union?

    • Hi Chris!

      I met with SMMCTA seeking their endorsement several weeks ago. I don’t believe they have released their endorsements yet. I did not know SEIU made endorsements in the SMMUSD BoE election. I have not heard from them nor about a SEIU endorsement process. I would love the chance to ask for their endorsement!



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