A Letter from Hans Laetz and Missy Zeitsoff

AMPS is not endorsing candidates in the city council election, however we are happy to provide a platform for candidates to express their views on education. Please see below a letter from Hans Laetz and Missy Zeitsoff.

I, Hans Laetz, am the proud parent of three recent Malibu High grads, and spent 15 years on various SMMUSD committees as the kids grew up. I am married to a Culver City public school teacher. I have attended dozens of late-night board meetings in SM, and watched the narrow interests from SM’s power structure subvert the legitimate needs of Malibu children and parents. I believe the heart and soul of our community is our public schools. I have walked my neighborhood to campaign for school bond elections, and I fought hard to make sure Malibu High School gets the tools that our kids deserve.

Missy Zeitsoff has been involved in the Malibu schools since 1969, when she taught at Malibu Park Jr. High. I am currently sub-teaching at all four Malibu schools.My 5 children all attended Cabrillo, Malibu Park Jr. High and Malibu High School. One graduated from SAMO, and two from MHS, in 1997. I have served our schools as a volunteer, receiving an Honorary Service Award from MPJH’s PTSA.I was the Legislative Chair, PTSA Board. I was a participant in the Adopt-A-Class program at Cabrillo. At the formation of the MHS, I was a Council liaison with the School Board. I was on the team negotiating for the shared use of the swim pool, with Jeff Jennings. I was on the MHS committee for the Vision-Mission statement for MHS, and the search committee for even the SAMO new principal. I served as Chair of the District’s Health Advisory Committee’s sub- committee on Violence Prevention-Intervention. Pam Brady and I created the Alliance for Non-Violent Communities, sponsored by the District.As co-chair of he Coalition Against Prop 174, I helped fight the state voucher prop. Twice, I have received commendations from the School Board. As you can see, Missy Z. has credentials with the SMMUSD and the Malibu Schools for most of her life. In the future, I will work for a peaceful negotiation of a separation from SMMUSD. No representation on the school board is “taxation without representation.”

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By Craig Foster Posted in Letters

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